About Us

Our Vision

We want Nottinghamshire to be:

  • A great place to bring up your family
  • A great place to fulfil your ambition
  • A great place to enjoy your later life
  • A great place to start and grow your business

To achieve this, we need our services to be high performing, flexible, responsive and community focused. And we need them to be able to adapt quickly to an ever-changing environment and that’s where you come in.

Our Values

As a Council, what we do is important, but equally important is how we do it. Our values and behaviours are created through our people, inspired by a common purpose of providing excellent public service to citizens of Nottinghamshire. Our values are at the heart of everything we do and ensure that we do the right things in the right way:

  • Empower people and support their independence
  • Be creative and work in new ways
  • Put local people at the heart of everything we do
  • Spend money wisely
  • Stand up for local people
  • Invest in our workforce and embrace diversity

Our Culture

We have a strong culture in the Council and have worked hard to foster strong team dynamics. Anyone who joins us needs to buy into this culture and be a positive contributor to it. We will need you to be:

  • Open and Accountable – operate with integrity and be trustworthy and open to challenge
  • Embrace Diversity – value difference and celebrate it
  • Courageous – be willing to challenge and create an empowering environment
  • Ambitious – forward looking
  • Collaborate – engage with communities, partners

Transformation and Change

Over the last year, we’ve undertaken a major project to remodel our transformation and change approach, and to reshape our transformation resources. Our new approach has seen us move to a transformation model based around the development of four major cross Council change programmes focusing on critical areas of Council business:

  • Early Help and Prevention
  • All Age Approaches to Disabilities
  • Whole Family Safeguarding
  • Improving Residents Access to Services
  • Each programme is underpinned by several further corporate themes:
  • Workforce and Organisational Development
  • Housing and Accommodation
  • Strategic Commissioning

Each of these programmes, which are ambitious and will drive the long-term development of the Council, will help improve the lives of our customers and service users, and contribute significantly toward the Council’s medium- and long-term financial objectives.

To support the development and delivery of these innovative programmes, our Transformation and Change staffing model has been substantially revised in the last year. The function now comprises:

  • A strategic insight unit, which provides a range of policy, data, analytical and intelligence support to the programmes, and the wider Council
  • A transformation bureau, which provides programme and project management support
  • A portfolio office, which provides integrated governance and monitoring support and challenge

Our revised transformation and change model has also seen us embed service improvement capacity within each of our four departments – Place, Chief Executives, Adult Social Care and Health and Children’s and Families – to ensure a strong relationship between operational/service level improvement and change, and more strategic transformation.

Our reshaped transformation function is also the point of leadership and co-ordination for the Council’s new strategic plan, which will set a long-term vision for the Council, and set out an evidence based programme of prioritised activities to deliver a healthier, greener and more prosperous future for Nottinghamshire and its residents.

Why Us

Nottinghamshire is the best of both worlds. Unrivalled places to live, good schools, good housing, decent road and rail connectivity, excellent digital connectivity. It is a good place to work. This is not just beneficial to potential applicants but is the bedrock for driving economic growth in the county.

But there is loads to be done, and this is not a place for someone to come and put their feet up. The Council is set on narrowing the gap between those who experience the best of what the county offers and those who haven’t benefitted from an uplift in the local and regional economy.

In taking this role on, you will be exposed to a broad portfolio of projects and programmes. These aren’t just ideas, there is political and corporate support for them and momentum to build on. Nottinghamshire doesn’t do things on a small scale and for the right person, this will be career enhancing. Nottinghamshire County Council wants to shape the county and design solutions that work for our communities.

In addition to all of the brilliant programmes and opportunities, the team you will work with should not be underestimated. The team culture is collaborative, ambitious, engaging, good humoured, and people get on. People work with each other and for each other.

Why will this role be career enhancing for someone?

If the remit of the role and the opportunities it presents aren’t enough to excite you, then how about joining an organisation where individuals are invested in. You will be given the opportunity to build your profile nationally and regionally. You will be given the chance to ‘create a legacy’ and there are no shortage of opportunities to put your name to and make your mark on the county.